Privacy Policy respects and capitulates its customers’ privacy. Therefore, it toils hard to maintain adequate levels of confidentiality of the customer’s basic information fetched and stored by it on-line.

We collect from you basic information such as name, age, height and weight, gender, address, contact information etc. Talking about your health conditions, we fetch from you your physician’s basic whereabouts, the level of your health complication, a soft copy of your prescription and the nature and composition of your ongoing medication, if any.

The basic information is used to have a general idea of who are we dealing with. Other health-related information helps us to be doubly sure of whether the information about our product is exactly what your health-condition needs.

Whether or not to share the above-mentioned information is totally a customer’s personal call. However, we ensure that this information is forbidden to be used for any kind of advertisement purpose by our website.