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Johnathan says that, “I am suffering from ADHD since my childhood and it is continuing to my adulthood. It was very tough during my school days to cope with the activities like other kids and only then my doctor prescribed me with Adderall medication. From then till now, this drug is a life savior and now I am performing very well at my work.”

Shakira shares that, “Narcolepsy issue has put me in trouble. I cannot drive alone because even I myself would not know on when I will fall asleep. I love to indulge in sports but the excitement and pressure I face makes it very difficult to do so. Thanks for Adderall medication, now I am taking the pills for the treatment and I can see improvements in my body. It was very difficult to stay awake in the morning but now I became very attentive in my class. I am really very happy about it.”

Melissa says that, “My child is a victim of ADHD. He always speaks a lot so we thought his character is like that. Due to this we diagnosed the issue very late. Our doctor analyzed him completely and we also got feedback about our child from school. The doctor decided that Adderall can be appropriate for my kid. Only after taking this drug, he started to improvise. It was difficult to make him attentive while we speak to him but now he has improved his attention span too. I really love the improvement that my child gets.”

Clara says that, “Adderall is definitely a very effective medication if it is taken for the right purpose with the help of a doctor. Unfortunately, I am one such person who has misused this medication and suffered a lot. Studying for my exams was way more important for me. So I started taking Adderall pills at night and continue to prepare for the examination. Due to this I did not feel sleepy in the morning and wrote my exams well. But, at one point I got so much addicted to the medication and I couldn’t do anything without Adderall. My family admitted me in the hospital and recovered me from the hell. Take my experience as a lesson and do not mess with this drug.”

Anton says that, “I am taking Adderall for six months and I only suffer from minor side effects that can be easily managed on own. It is the best drug in the world to treat sleep apnea.”

Mark shares that, “I suffer from narcolepsy and I have been in the treatment with different medications but nothing seems to work. I found out this drug to be effective and from that day it is helping me a lot”.

Jack says that, “Adderall is great on my medical condition and I just love it”.

Harry shares that, “My sister was prescribed with Adderall medication by her doctor. She was very restless before consuming this drug but now she became calm like never before. Thanks to this drug”.